April 1, 2017 | SambaSafety

Vigillo, a SambaSafety company, rolls out Roadside Resume

Roadside Resume Launch – The Power of One

RR Infographic

I am very excited to announce today that Roadside Resume has been completely re-engineered and re-launched to all Vigillo customers.  Some of you may recall that we launched the Roadside Resume concept back in 2010 as a mechanism for drivers to directly access their own personal CSA Scores.

Today, (OK, technically tomorrow) Roadside Resume has relaunched and is a much more powerful analytic platform to inform safety, risk, and compliance managers on all aspects of driver risk. CSA, MVR, Critical Events. HOS, Driver Training, Speed, Video and more will all be captured, analyzed, and scored using Vigillo’s JUST Scoring methodology.  Finally, we have at our fingertips, the tool to incorporate all of the data that informs driver risk in commercial trucking, and gives us a model to incorporate CSA data, but move light years beyond its serious limitations as a stand alone risk predictor.

This represents the first phase of product integration between SambaSafety and Vigillo since the acquisition by SambaSafety just 63 days ago.  Roadside Resume represents the power of the combined data from CSA and MVR monitoring, and demonstrates the combined commitment to rapid innovation and a shared vision that will continue to yield an amazing array of new solutions to our customers in the years ahead.