May 1, 2017 | SambaSafety

The Ties That Bind – Roadcheck 2017

You walk cool, but darlin’, can you walk the line…And face the ties that bind
Bruce Springsteen – The Ties That Bind (1980)

Roadcheck 2017 with its focus on Cargo Securement will run June 6-8, 2017.  Several weeks after that, we’ll have the data to report on the results, but I thought it might be interesting to give a little sneak peek into the current state of violation trends and into Cargo Securement violations specifically.

The following chart shows the historical trend of all Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspections and Violations since CSA (Compliance, Safety, and Accountability) launched, starting in January 2010.  The spikes that occur early each June (orange) represent the rather dramatic increase in Inspections that occur during the inspection blitz that CVSA calls Roadcheck.  Commercial Vehicle Enforcement puts in overtime for three intensive days of large truck inspections during the annual Roadcheck weekend. The accompanying spike in violations (blue) are of course the result of this heightened enforcement effort. Lesser known, but just as predictable is the downward spike in Inspections and Violations that occur in the middle of each December.  CVSA does not officially name this program, we call it Christmas.

CHART 1 Historical Inspection and Violation Trends by Week

Inspections-Violation Trends - all