Q Transportation — What You Need to Know

The Qorta™ platform from SambaSafety is the smart solution to a common problem: too much driver-data and not enough time or resources for fleet managers to process it in an intelligible, actionable manner. Fleet managers need to be proactive, not reactive — waiting until something goes wrong before taking action puts your drivers, company, and community at risk. Q Transportation gives you the tools for smart, efficient decision-making.

Qorta aggregates MVR (motor vehicle record) and CSA (compliance, safety, accountability) scores into one scorecard. You get actionable, intuitive data at your fingertips, so you can make dramatic improvements in your company’s image, safety culture, and cost savings.

CSA and MVR Monitoring In one place

No other platform combines data from both CSA and MVR reports in one unified report. Qorta delivers data from both sources through a single portal, generating a Safety Culture Score that you can use to compare your drivers and track their progress over time.

By simplifying both driver and fleet management, Qorta is the most comprehensive driver monitoring platform on the market.

Continuous Driver Monitoring

The continuous monitoring integral to Qorta does away with once-a-year MVR checks. You gain back the time you would use to pull multi-state MVRs on a weekly basis. You can see in near-real-time when a new entry appears on a driver’s record, allowing you to take action to improve driver behavior and reduce your exposure to risk.

Qorta helps you:

  • Eliminate surprises with daily activity alerts
  • Focus only on drivers with new MVR activity
  • Proactively address unsafe driver behavior
  • Reduce out-of-service violations on driver fitness checks
  • Gain insight into new FMCSA scoring
  • Increase fleet manager productivity by eliminating manual steps
  • Quickly and efficiently manage DOT inspections
  • Mitigate risk and enjoy peace of mind

Establish a Culture of Safety™

Qorta is composed of four main solutions: Q License, Q Insight, Q University, and Q Transportation. Each helps you completely transform the safety culture of your regulated fleet. To be truly committed to understanding driver-data holistically and encouraging a culture of safety, Qorta is the clear platform of choice.

Q Transportation — The Foundation of a Positive Safety Culture

Begin building your Culture of Safety with Q Transportation. It puts you ahead of roadside inspections and violations through near-real-time information, all presented in simple, easy-to-use carrier and driver scorecards. Q Transportation can even show you a preview of the new CSA IRT model, mandated by the

What Does Q Transportation Include?

Q Transportation pulls data from a number of sources into a detailed scorecard view that lets you make informed decisions and enact important safety measures. It includes:

    • Carrier Scorecards
    • Driver Scorecards
    • IRT Scorecards
    • Daily Inspections
    • Daily Violations

Who Benefits from Q Transportation?

Everyone benefits when you use Q Transportation. Fleet managers are better able to keep track of driver behavior, both on the clock and on their own time. Hiring managers can screen potential drivers more accurately with the peace of mind that nothing is missed before on-boarding new hires. Legal departments don’t have to worry about unknown accidents or surprise lawsuits going unreported on your drivers’ MVRs. Drivers will operate with more safety and responsibility, knowing that their behavior is being monitored.

Fleet management isn’t easy — you’re dealing with a lot of data coming in from many different sources, and it’s hard to turn that data into actionable results. With Q Transportation, the hard part is done for you.