Driver Monitoring – Myth vs. Reality

Driver Monitoring: Myth vs. Reality

Busting three common driver risk management myths that could put your business at risk

Despite what the myriad of industry experts might tell you, driver monitoring programs and technologies are not all created equal. In fact, this overused term varies widely not only in its definition but also in its interpretation.

To complicate the picture, many service and solution providers claiming to “monitor” drivers really only address one element of driver monitoring. The space between the myths and realities of comprehensive driver monitoring can make a huge impact on your business’ exposure to risk, litigation and insurance premium costs. But what is true driver monitoring and how can you utilize it to make your drivers and communities safer? And what are some of the most common myths that put businesses at the highest degree of risk? Before we explore the three most common myths of driver monitoring, it’s important to understand why driver monitoring is critical — and what it truly means to monitor drivers.

But in order to truly know and act, businesses must be able to confront their own misconceptions about what effective driver monitoring really entails.
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