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How SambaSafety driver monitoring

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Project summary

DS Services originally turned to SambaSafety to help reduce paperwork and increase efficiency; however, by incorporating continuous driver monitoring into its safety program, DS Services is able to impact its business in other positive ways.

The Problem

DS Services, a distributor of leading beverage brands to residential and business customers, employs more than 3,500 drivers nationwide. Tracking its drivers – and ensuring they’re qualified to be behind the wheel – isn’t easy. “Reviewing motor vehicle records (MVRs) can take weeks, as every state reports violation information differently,” says Jason Gay, DOT compliance administrator for DS Services. “I was spending 12 to 15 hours a week on paperwork alone. It was time to simplify the process.”

Solution 1: Increasing Efficiency

SambaSafety programs have increased efficiency so that Gay no longer has to manually sort through stacks of paper, read and decide where to send each piece of information. “Now I spend about three hours a week checking the information, and if there’s an issue, all I have to do is download the information in minutes and send it to the front-line managers,” said Gay. “It’s been a real stress reliever.”

I believe in five years, we’ll be able to look back and say, ‘Wow, we’re not having anybody drive on a suspended license.’ That’s a game-changer.

Mark Clayton

Director of Safety, DS Services

Solution 2: Closing information gaps

Following implementation of SambaSafety, DS Services started seeing an interesting trend with driver medical cards. While DS Services had records showing its drivers with valid medical cards, they continued receiving MVRs that indicated some drivers had expired medical certifications. DS Services soon learned it wasn’t because its drivers were failing to self-certify; it was because state administrators failed to update those renewals in the system. In the past, DS Services pulled a non-compliant driver off the road immediately. Today, DS Services notifies them to contact the state before returning to the road. This is a win-win: Drivers don’t get paid if they’re not on the road – and DS Services doesn’t make money if it doesn’t have valid drivers. “More than ever before, we’re identifying non-compliant drivers and taking action before they get on the road,” explained Mike Belcher, Vice President, Risk and Safety, DS Services. “We know most of these people are not at fault and they would have been discovered before, but it likely would have taken six to seven months, instead of monthly.”

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The Results


There’s great value in the speed of information. Now, we can intervene sooner than we could before. That means catching – and correcting behavior – before there’s an accident or workers’ compensation claim.


People don’t always raise their hands and let us know that they did something they weren’t supposed to. Now we know virtually in real time, so we can take action accordingly and immediately.


We live by facts. Now we’re given relevant, timely information that we simply can’t argue with. That means we can make quicker, more accurate decisions regarding hiring, firing, and retraining.


Stress relieved, plain and simple. Not only does it drastically decrease the amount of paperwork we deal with, but it allows us to be more collaborative. We’ve eliminated the disjointed silos of information – and that makes us far more proactive and accurate.


Time Savings

Reduced time spent on documentation from 12-15 hours a week, to 3 hours.


Intervention Success Rate

Pulling a driver before reaching the final point, saves drivers.

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