DS Services: Reducing Driver Turnover

73% Success Rate for Driver Interventions

Similar to most organizations, DS Services recognizes its employees are valuable assets, therefore management wants to ensure they hire talent that reflects similar values. At the same time, DS Services must put its safety policy and customers first and continuous driver monitoring helps DS Services accomplish both goals simultaneously.

Driver monitoring and near-real-time notifications allow managers to work with individuals to solve their issues, before being notified by the state. For example, employees who have suspended licenses due to child support, a lapse in insurance coverage, or a failure to update a medical card are now identified before going out on the road. With SambaSafety, managers can see potential driver violations early – and reassign those drivers to other jobs and/or assist them in clearing up the issue.

“We’re actually doing our employees a favor,” explained Mark Clayton, director of safety at DS Services. “Once employees reach the point of disqualification by not telling us and getting pulled over, we have no choice. Now, we can flag these things and save employees from the adverse points that may eliminate them from our team.”

After all is said and done, SambaSafety helps us keep our drivers on the road. And drivers on the road means we’re making money. Jason Gay

DOT Compliance Administrator, DS Services

It’s human nature to wait until the last possible minute to change behavior. For many people, they won’t exercise or eat well until the doctor tells them they might die. DS Services has found the same is true for its drivers. “It really gets our drivers’ attention when we tell them they have one final chance to turn things around,” explains Belcher. “We don’t get any joy by disqualifying people. Through our intervention process, we have seen more success than failure. Sure, we can’t save everybody, but we have been able to retrain and keep a number on board. That benefits us all.”

In addition, early notification boosts the management team’s morale. “Branch managers want to know about issues sooner rather than later because it affects them directly,” Gay adds. “They appreciate the fact that they can get things taken care of, so everyone has a smooth day – drivers get on the road, customers are served, and we make money. Now that’s good for everyone.”

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