Lowering Commercial Automotive Insurance Costs

Lowering commercial automotive insurance costs:

Best practices for taking control




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As safety technologies become more sophisticated, companies have more visibility into the behaviors of employees out on the road. With seemingly endless increases in insurance premiums, thanks in part to escalating legal settlement costs and economic corrections, can companies use this new level of visibility to take control over commercial insurance costs? What does it mean to control insurance costs? Simply put, it’s about taking steps to reduce your risk. Achieving the prized trifecta of better drivers, safer communities, and lower insurance rates requires a razor-sharp adherence to best practices that decrease the chance of accidents and lower your exposure to negligent entrustment lawsuits.

The hidden risks can’t go unnoticed

In a 2014 driver risk and safety management survey conducted by Automotive Fleet and SambaSafety, 11% of respondents indicated they had been subject to a negligent entrustment lawsuit.


admitted they don’t have a driver safety program.


said they don’t monitor their drivers in any way


said they don’t pull annual motor vehicle records (MVRs).


said they use an electronic MVR system.

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