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From commercial and professional drivers, to field service crews and staff members, with motor vehicle record (MVR) monitoring you’ll know the driving status of every employee in your organization—all the time.

Insurance Industry

In today’s hyper-competitive insurance market, carriers, brokers, and agents are constantly looking for cost effective ways to acquire accurate and timely data about policy holders and their driving behavior.

Background Screeners

Professional Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) provide support to assist employers in making decisions about consumers, and must rely on accurate and timely data for this support. We deliver that data.

"It really gets our drivers’ attention when we tell them they have one final chance to turn things around. SambaSafety helps us supplement our early intervention process to keep more people on board."

Mike B., Vice President, Risk and Safety

Analyze Driver Behavior

Manage risk, keep your employees safe and proactively protect your organization with 360-degree visibility into your employees driving behaviors both on-the-job and off-the-job. Make decisions quickly to ensure you have qualified drivers behind the wheel. Whether your drivers are regulated, small trucks and vans or sedans, you need the tools to improve driver visibility – and we have you covered with Driver Risk Management

360 Degree View of the Driver

SambaSafety aggregates driver data into a single platform and provides a propriety driver scoring system to help protect the organization’s reputation, lower risk and improve the bottom line. Driver Risk Management continuously monitors for negative changes, automates risk analysis  and presents a proprietary Driver Risk Score in an easy-to-use Driver Dashboard. Now in real-time, an organization will know who the high, medium and low-risk drivers are with a single platform.

"After all is said and done, SambaSafety helps us keep our drivers on the road. Drivers on the road means we’re making money - that's good for everyone."

– Jason G., DOT compliance administrator

Protect What’s Important

  • Reduce risk of injury to your workforce and clients
  • Positively impact the bottom line through cost savings, improved productivity and an engaged workforce
  • Fulfill your responsibility for community safety
  • Guard against company and personal liabilities
  • Safeguard your brand by avoiding public relations nightmares and bad press
  • Demonstrate your company’s commitment to safety

Improve Your Bottom Line

Scoring eliminates the risk and cost associated with manual MVR review, while Continuous Driver Risk Management lowers risk and reduces costs through changing the behavior of an organization’s drivers.

  • Automates manual MVR scoring to save time  
  • Scores drivers based on national criteria or your own policy
  • Average savings of 75% compared to traditional methods

Managing Your Risk Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

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