SambaSafety Introduces Competitive Advantage to the Insurance Industry with Volta™ solution platform. | SambaSafety

September 4, 2019

DENVER, CO – SambaSafety, the market leader in mobility risk data solutions, announces Volta™, a software platform delivering unprecedented data insight into the insurance policy lifecycle. Leveraging composite driver violation data in real-time with Volta, insurance professionals can immediately price and assess risk with higher accuracy, greater speed, and be more profitable than ever before.

The Volta product suite (formerly PolicyWatchTM) establishes a competitive advantage by augmenting traditional MVR driver data with claims data, court records, vault reports, state database information, and activity files. With Volta, insurance professionals can obtain a new level of clarity into a driver’s behavior when pricing or assessing risk.

“Today, the cost of acquiring and keeping new customers is increasing, due in part to upfront data costs early in the process,” said Rich Lacey, Executive Vice President of Product Management at SambaSafety. “Insurance professionals may not realize the tremendous benefits to be gained by leveraging the insights derived from incorporating historic driver violation data sources. Volta delivers violation data and insights that carriers, agents, and car-share providers can use throughout the customer relationship to significantly reduce their reliance upon MVRs.”

Utilizing customizable smart triggers and an advanced rules engine, Volta provides unprecedented driver violation data insight to improve underwriting performance at Lead, Quote, Bind, and Renew.

Lacey continues: “Our customers require efficient solutions that drive insights throughout the policy lifecycle, enabling them to make informed decisions instantly. The power of the Volta decision engine, combined with SambaSafety’s data platform, allows customers of all sizes to more profitably acquire new business.”

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