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Special Offer: Driver Risk Management for CNA Clients

Being selective about who drives for your business is a key to managing your risk and reducing the likelihood of a Commercial Auto claim. However, when a Commercial Auto claim happens, your business not only faces dealing with property damage, but also potentially serious bodily injuries—not to mention a hit to your company’s reputation. According to CNA data, many customers who employ drivers with serious moving violations often perform, on average, more than 20 points worse in loss ratio results than customers whose employees have clean driving records. That’s why CNA has partnered with the industry leader in driver risk management, SambaSafety, to provide the visibility you need to:

  • Identify at-risk and unsafe drivers.
  • Assess individual driver performance.
  • Reduce the frequency & potentially the severity of accidents.
  • Enforce driver policies.
  • Protect your company brand and reputation.


Interested in Learning More?

Watch the video below to learn how SambaSafety can help you improve driver safety, reduce risk, and simplify driver administration.