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Q Transportation aggregates CSA data through a robust scorecard view that provides actionable information to make dramatic safety transformations.

The Foundation of a Positive Safety Culture

Risk and safety professionals with regulated fleets transform their safety cultures by proactively staying ahead of new roadside inspections and violations. Through near-real-time information summarized via carrier and driver scorecards, managers increase productivity, proactively address unsafe driver behavior, and effectively and effciently manage DOT inspections. Also enabled is a preview of the new CSA IRT model, mandated
by the FAST Act.

Your Comprehensive CSA Monitoring Platform

Understand your drivers on an individual basis and be alerted to identifiable events that allow for timely action leading to improved driver behavior, reduced risk exposure, safer operations, and improved CSA scores.


Proactively Address Unsafe Driver Behavior

Now there is a scalable way to stay apprised of the latest driver activity that matters most to your operation. By receiving pro-active alerts on high-risk drivers, you can demonstrate that you are effectively and effciently managing new inspection and other identifiable driver event data.

Increase Productivity, Eliminate Manual Steps

Increase productivity by eliminating the manual steps required to review the most recent DOT inspection data. Only manage drivers with new activity, automatically delegate to the appropriate manager, and address events more effciently.

Eliminate Surprises with Daily Activity Alerts

Gain near-real-time insight into driver behavior with access to all driving data on a single platform. Q Transportation aggregates data and proactively presents violation and inspection activity to the right users at the right time.

Advance Your Safety Culture

Knowledge is Power

Gain Visibility Into New FMCSA Scoring

Our new IRT/CSA Scorecard provides you access to your new CSA Safety Culture Score. CSA is undergoing major changes and almost everything we know about CSA, severity weights, time weights, BASIC measures, and Safety Event Groups will no longer factor into the new scoring methodology under the FMCSA’s planned release.


Get Ahead of Change

The new CSA/IRT will measure a motor
carrier’s safety culture with a single
score. Effectively communicate with
customers the information they need to
award you new business, incentivize
your good drivers, and coach positive
driver behavior with informative insights.

Efficiently Manage DOT Inspections

The new CSA FAST Act Score Model
utilizes Item Response Theory (IRT)
methodology and almost completely
changes the building blocks of the
current CSA scoring model. It more
accurately measures a company’s safety
culture as it factors in relevant variables
such as drivers, inspections, VMTs,
number of power units, and more.

Know Your CSA Safety Culture Score

Get the big picture with violation count,
two year timeline, severity indicator, and
violations falling off. Drill down to the
specific list of individual violations that
make up your overall violation count in
any given group. See where you need
to focus to maintain or improve your
CSA Safety Culture Score.