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CSA Safety Culture Score

SambaSafety has collaborated with NBIS to provide a preview of the new CSA IRT scores in the new system being developed and tested by the FMCSA. 

Each fleet who receives a free preview of their CSA IRT scores must participate in a product discovery and demo with the SambaSafety sales team and will receive a summary report of their current Safety Culture score. 

Interested in participating?

Step 1: Fill out our interest form

A SambaSafety sales team member will contact you to ensure you qualify to participate and begin a product discovery and demo process.

Step 2: Approve having your scores shared

Before scores can be shared, enter your information on the right and select “Approve” granting approval for SambaSafety to share a copy of the score summary with NBIS as your Insurance provider.

Step 3: Review your scores with our sales team

As part of a product demo, our sales team will provide you with a preview of your scores and a PDF score summary you can keep. 

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