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Considerations for FMCSA Crash Preventability Program

On Wednesday, July 31, 2019 the FMCSA Administrator gave notice that the Pilot Crash Preventability Program begun in July 2017 will be made permanent with modifications. I encourage all stakeholders to read the 19 page proposal and share your thoughts through the public comment process. To get you thinking, I will try and summarize the Notice. But please, be thorough, do your homework, read the proposal and form your own opinions before the comment period ends. What follows is my reading, and my own analysis..

2019 Truckload Carriers Association Annual Conference

SambaSafety is proud to be here in force as one of your Allied partners.  We’re exhibiting, presenting, and sponsoring at what is one of our favorite events of the year. Almost everything you know about CSA is changing, and Sambasafety is at the forefront of helping...

The New CSA/IRT Scorecard

The Next Generation of CSA Introducing the new CSA/IRT ScorecardThe new CSA will measure a motor carrier’s Safety Culture with a single score CSA is undergoing major changes and almost everything we know about CSA—severity weights, time weights, BASIC measures and...

FMCSA submits CSA overhaul plan to Congress

Here we go!!! As reported this morning by our friends at CCJ: FMCSA submits CSA overhaul plan to more. Almost three years since the FAST Act demanded CSA Reforms, looks like FMCSA is rolling it out. Major changes pending to CSA methodology; Vigillo, a...

Motor Carrier Survey – for MC&E

Hello everyone, Our biggest annual event is upon us.  The American Trucking Assn’s Management Conference and Exhibition (MCE) starts tomorrow in Orlando, FL.  On Sunday morning, I will be participating in a panel discussion of the changes to CSA that have been...

CSA Reform Status – Vigillo Comments

PDF Version Here  IMPROVING MOTOR CARRIER SAFETY MEASUREMENT Panel on the Review of the Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) Program of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Initial Comments by Steve Bryan, President & Founder of Vigillo, A...

National Academies CSA Reform Report to be Released Tuesday

  Happy Friday everybody, It seems to be pretty rock solid now that the CSA Reform Report, 18 months in the making, will be released to the press on Monday, and the Public on Tuesday, June 27. I'll be reading the report as soon as I can get a hold of it, I have a...

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