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Considerations for FMCSA Crash Preventability Program

On Wednesday, July 31, 2019 the FMCSA Administrator gave notice that the Pilot Crash Preventability Program begun in July 2017 will be made permanent with modifications. I encourage all stakeholders to read the 19 page proposal and share your thoughts through the public comment process. To get you thinking, I will try and summarize the Notice. But please, be thorough, do your homework, read the proposal and form your own opinions before the comment period ends. What follows is my reading, and my own analysis..

Trucking Moves America

Very proud to be named to the Executive Committee of this tremendous organization supporting America's Trucking Industry TMAF 2018 Press Call Press Release FINAL  

Happy Anniversary FMCSA – Meet The Parents

Happy February everybody, and Happy Anniversary! Its been exactly 6 months (August 1 - Feb 1) since FMCSA launched their 24 month Crash Preventability Demonstration Program to see what impact it would have if FMCSA reviewed DOT Record-able crashes and made...


Hi everyone, We have not updated you about the FMCSA upgrades in a  little while but we've been back to Washington DC and met with the FMCSA since last time and have some news: The FMCSA upgrade is still not complete but thankfully the FMCSA are now posting news about...


Today we have some good news about the L&I API: QC Mobile L&I API This API is the main and only way to bulk or programmatically retrieve L&I information from the FMCSA. Many DOT's and software companies use this API to populate L&I...


The FMCSA's Compass Portal migration to Amazon is still experiencing challenges today. Here is the latest update: FMCSA Compass Portal Access While Vigillo can now access daily data from portal for many customers there is still widespread Portal Account access issues....


Happy Friday! More positive FMCSA news today in that we can successfully access most DOT's inspections, violations and crashes from the FMCSA Compass Portal now on a daily basis and provide this information in Vigillo's scorecards The most recent Post Date is Thursday...

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