SambaSafety DRM – Standard

Our Standard package is ideal for companies new to monitoring or for those managing smaller fleets.  The perfect solution for increasing visibility into risky behavior with continuous driver monitoring. Connect with a representative.

Features and benefits:

  • Samba DriverMonitor® – This industry-leading, nationwide driver monitoring solution manages all driver data and automatically checks for new violations, DUI/DWI convictions, invalid licenses, and approaching license or medical certification expiration dates. It automates the management of driver-related information for your commercial and non-commercial drivers and highlights those drivers with a recent MVR activity so you can take appropriate action.
  • Samba ReportManager℠ – Provides real-time driver monitoring reports for all your drivers with the latest MVR data updated continuously based on the results of state monitoring. The reports display your company-specific information and have configuration and export features that help safety managers incorporate the data into existing processes.  This lowers administrative overhead costs. Paired with continuous monitoring, there is now an economical and manageable solution for reviewing driver risk on an ongoing basis.
  • Samba MVRSync℠ –The first of its kind service offering in the driver risk management industry. MVRSync leverages a candidate’s motor vehicle records from select background screeners in the pre-hire screening process and can also be used for post-hire driver monitoring.  This increases visibility into a drivers history without increasing the cost.
  • Driver Roster Management –Allows safety admins to add, update and delete drivers from SambaSafety with minimal effort and maximum accuracy.  Changes can be validated either one by one or in bulk, before they are applied and all processing happens in the background so admins can continue work, uninterrupted.
  • Online Driver Training* –SambaSafety also offers training for your drivers by partnering with leading providers, making it easy for your monitoring and safety programs to “close the loop” with high-quality online training.  *Additional fees apply

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