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SambaSafety DRM – Enterprise

SambaSafety’s most advanced package, Enterprise includes all the offerings of DRM Professional with powerful features focused on enterprise level organizations looking to integrate driver risk management into existing systems and processes.  Connect with a representative.

Features and benefits:

  • Includes all features of DRM Professional, plus…
  • Integration APIs – Enable real-time integrations with your existing critical business systems such as HRIS, Application Tracking, Transportation Management, Risk Management and Driver Qualification Management systems. Drivers are quickly added to monitoring to eliminate risk.
  • Samba IncidentManager® – Automates the management of any ‘1-800’ driver reporting program and tracks red light and speeding camera infractions among others. Electronic tracking reduces the need for administrative support resources and reduces paper-based errors and loss.
  • Samba AccidentTracker® – Positively impact your organization’s risk profile, insurance premiums and budget, to reduce the number of preventable accidents. Track crash details in the same application that monitors drivers’ MVR changes to effectively close the loop for optimal driver success. It allows immediate access to all crash details with the opportunity to update additional information or costs, as the data becomes available.

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