SambaSafety DRM – Professional

This package combines the power of the DRM Standard package with enhanced features designed for commercial fleets and enterprises looking to customize their risk management program.  Connect with a representative

Features and benefits:

  • Includes all components of DRM Standard, plus…
  • Samba PolicyManager℠ – Allows companies to create and initiate customized policies to evaluate their drivers against instantly. Configure the exact policy that works for your organization.
    1. Include only violations that are relevant to your company
    2. Set your preferred lookback time periods
    3. Instantly view your riskiest drivers scored against your customized policy
  • Samba ReleaseManager® – Automates the process of obtaining an employee’s consent to continuously monitor their driving record, which simplifies the management of company-specific driver release forms through the SambaSafety driver monitoring service while archiving electronic driver release forms.
  • Samba ComplianceManager® – The single source of truth for all mandated compliance documents, enabling you to keep all pertinent information in one place and provide alerts when something needs attention.  

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