Ignoring Driver Safety is Risky Business

Your drivers are one of your company’s greatest assets — and one of its greatest potential liabilities. Relying on employees or annual records reviews to learn about a recent citation or DUI/DWI is risky business. Your ability to quickly identify new citations, unlicensed and high-risk drivers each month is your single most effective tool in reducing costly preventable accidents — and potentially expensive litigation and judgments.


Driver Risk Management/Driver Monitoring Services

SambaSafety provides the information you need to know — guiding you to make the right decision at the right time. SambaSafety integrates individual driver data with industry-leading driver monitoring software to provide you with the critical information you need to maintain a safe and qualified driver fleet. By collecting, correlating and analyzing motor vehicle records (MVRs) and other data sources, we identify driver risk and enable you to modify your drivers’ behavior, reduce accidents, and ensure compliance while lowering costs — ultimately improving driver and community safety.

The integrated driver monitoring services provide the tools needed to quickly scan your entire fleet for high-risk issues.

  • Quickly access individual driver profiles and view the overall risk to your fleet through a single easy-to-use interface.
  • Minimize liability, reduce preventable accidents and ensure that only qualified drivers operate company vehicles, or personal vehicles on company time.
  • Manage your fleet at-a-glance and easily stay ahead of upcoming deadlines, license expirations and renewal dates.
  • Automated alerts highlight the most urgent issues that need immediate attention.

SambaSafety integrated driver monitoring services gives you all the information you need to know — in time to make a difference.

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