Samba AccidentTracker®

The single most effective way to positively impact your organization’s risk profile, insurance premiums, and budget is to reduce the number of preventable accidents. When crashes do occur, Samba AccidentTracker® integrates all the information you need to assess the circumstance and the cost. As part of the SambaSafety driver monitoring suite, this service allows immediate access to all crash details with the opportunity to update additional information or costs, as the data becomes available.


  • Quickly access all crash data in a single online location.
  • Easily update crash data as additional information becomes available.
  • Assign cause and preventability to each accident.
  • Hosts, manages and archives all crash data and associated documents.
  • Tracks crash repairs and associated incident costs.
  • Identifies and tracks the individuals involved.
  • Easily review an employee’s driver history through the employee’s Driver Profile.
  • Incident identification number automatically integrates with the Driver Profile.
  • Electronically archives all documents and notes.
  • Provides the cost of fleet crashes to date.

How to Get Started

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