Samba ComplianceManager®

Samba ComplianceManager® tracks key driver documents including Department of Transportation (DOT)-mandated compliance items, as well as any custom documents defined by your organization. Set automated alerts for notification of any missing documents and be alerted in advance for upcoming document renewal dates.

The ComplianceManager Summary provides an overview of the number of fleet documents that are missing, and those that require processing or need immediate attention. Administrators can quickly see what — and how many — documents need to be added and which need their immediate attention for maintaining fleet compliance.


  • Manage and track all driver document files from a single online location.
  • List alerts can be scheduled when the drivers are uploaded into the system.
  • Upload and archive commercial DOT driver compliance documents.
  • Upload and archive any additional employee or company documents or forms.
  • Schedule driver document alerts to improve efficiency and manage work flow.
  • Receive automated alerts for any missing files.

How to Get Started

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