Samba IncidentManager®

Many organizations today utilize public feedback or ‘1-800 How’s My Driving?’ programs to provide data on their driver’s behavior. The Samba IncidentManager® automates the management of any ‘1-800’ driver reporting program. Electronic tracking reduces the need for administrative support resources and reduces paper-based errors and loss. In addition, managers can quickly schedule additional training to address the incident type and improve employee driver skills.


  • Track, manage and archive all incidents of unsafe, discourteous, or polite drivers.
  • Automated incident tracking, driver remediation and training.
  • Attach any support documents — pictures, letters from the public, etc.
  • Receive automated alerts when incidents occur for a timely response.
  • Report information integrates with the Samba DriverProfile℠.
  • Quickly review any previous incidents and/or additional citations.
  • Easily assign driver training through Samba DriverTraining℠.
  • Generate reports in .pdf or .csv for one or more driver incidents.

How to Get Started

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