Samba DriverTraining

One of the best practices available to today to reduce accidents and change driver behavior is driver training. In fact, online driver training has been shown to decrease crashes by up to 66%.

Samba DriverTraining℠ is a series of online, situation-based courses designed for the adult learner. This highly interactive, 3-D animated curriculum is based on principles and techniques developed and refined over 25 years of “hands‐on” driver training programs. Hundreds of thousands of business/fleet drivers have been trained using this system and real life driving experiences.

Once high-risk drivers are identified using Samba DriverMonitor, online classes can quickly be assigned using Samba DriverTraining to educate your employees to the risks of careless driving behavior — speeding, tailgating, dangerous turns — and re-enforce safe driving skills. The automated system assigns classes, notifies and instructs employees of their registration, and tracks class completion dates. If employees do not meet the scheduled completion date, Administrators are notified and can reset the class request and a new completion date.


  • Quickly select training classes for commercial and/or non-commercial drivers.
  • Easily assign courses for an individual, or an entire group(s) of drivers.
  • Receive e-mail notifications when classes are scheduled and completed.
  • Quickly send automated reminder e-mail for incomplete classes.
  • Easily reschedule and assign new class due dates for incomplete classes.
  • View class participation and completion within each employee’s Driver Profile.

How to Get Started

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