Intelligent MVR Ordering

PolicyWatch® reduces MVR spend, without sacrificing underwriting performance. Utilizing historical MVRs, state violation databases and court records, SambaSafety’s proprietary intelligent order management automatically checks driver activity to determine if a new MVR is required. The result is unprecedented time and cost saving—eliminating unnecessary ordering of clean MVRs or other insurance driving record requests and the associated state/data fees.

PolicyWatch provides the auto insurance industry the policy monitoring and information that carriers need to know, when they need to know it — helping them make the right decision at the right time, for the lowest possible cost.



  • Driver Activity Engine: Automatically checks State DMV and alternate data sources and updates with new activity to reduce the unnecessary purchases of clean MVRs.
  • Reduces overall MVR spend & underwriting expense through automated intelligent order management.
  • MVR Archive: Stores & manages all purchased MVRs to prevent duplicate orders.
  • Improves accuracy of quotes & renewals through early detection of violations using most trusted data sources.
  • MVR Vault:  Allows MVRs to be maintained and re-used across customers, agents, brokers, and carrier accounts (available in 31 states).
  • Reduces MVR spend.
  • At Quote Activity Indicators: Provides cost-effective activity check for use at quote.  Checks for violation activity providing a “dirty/clean” indicator without requiring an MVR order.
  • Lowers overall risks & maximizes premium capture through continuous monitoring of existing policies.
  • Policy Monitor: For use on renewal business and maximizing surcharge and tiering effectiveness.
  • Improves competitive position and retention through use of violation indicators at quote and renewal.

How to Get Started

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