Utah DMV MVR Ordering Procedures | SambaSafety

Utah DMV MVR Ordering Procedures

The Utah Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has released a new Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) and Driver Monitoring Service. The new service ensures proper MVR compliance for all vendors, sub-vendors and end-users; as well as offer enhancements such as Medical Certification support for Motor Carriers. As a part of the transition to the service, Utah DMV requires all vendors (e.g. SambaSafety) and their prospective customers to register for a Utah Organization Identification Number or ID and to select their desired Vendor as a part of the registration process. Please see below for step-by-step instructions.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Please note: instructions vary depending on the type of SambaSafety customer you are.

You will be asked to provide our Vendor ID. SambaSafety’s Vendor ID # is TJ0GINEBJC.

Important: Resellers (selling to multiple accounts) ordering through SambaSafety APIs will need to modify their order request to meet guidelines mandated by the Utah DMV. Resellers will receive a separate communications providing updates to the service documentation.

For more information, contact SambaSafety Customer Care at 888.947.2622 or customercare@sambasafety.com.