Vehicle Records


Verify Critical Legal and Registration Status

Insurance, automotive, and financial industries all rely on accurate vehicle records (VRs) to verify vehicle information in their day-to-day transactions. Employers can confirm vehicle ownership for employees and safeguard against liability by ensuring that properly registered vehicles are used for company business.

SambaSafety’s Vehicle Records Inquiry (VRI) is a simple, easy to configure tool that reduces the risk of fraud by verifying vehicle and owner related information provided by insurance clients, car buyers, and loan applicants. SambaSafety VRs are:

  • Intuitive, easy-to-read due to standardized MVR2000 format
  • Quickly and easily accessible
  • Vital to vehicle information-based decision making, as SambaSafety VRs return a vehicle service record, a vehicle’s legal and registered owner, registration status detail, VIN and license plate confirmation, title information, and vehicle physical attributes

VRI is available in 47 states and are instantly available for Arizona, California, Florida, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Tennessee and Texas.

Our VR data products include state provided Current History Vehicle Records, Title History Records, Insurance History Reports, and All Vehicles Registered Reports. Please note that VR products can vary by state.


CA Total Fee Loss Settlement Calculator

  • Driver Monitoring – Automation of changes to MVR records through real time alerts taking place on your driver with Real-Time Reports. We provide a baseline score on Day 1 that puts your driver population in a risk category so you have a starting point for each individual driver.
  • Custom Scoring – Match your driver policy to the software that informs you when drivers should no longer be operating a vehicle so you can proactively manage all types of drivers.
  • Real-time Reporting – Instant access to the results of monitoring and powerful tools to customize results.
  • Re-purposing MVRs – Bi-directional sharing of MVRs between your background screeners and fleet partners to ensure reduced costs on MVR spend.
  • Flexible Roster Management – API or easy file uploads that helps you manage your driver lists to meet your hiring and turnover needs.
  • Release Management – Ensure driver consents are automated for FCRA and DPPA regulations by sharing the responsibility with the drivers.
  • Accident Tracking – Track crash details in the same application that monitors drivers’ MVR changes to effectively close the loop for optimal driver success.
  • Incident Tracking – Automates the management of any ‘1-800’ driver reporting program and keeps track of red light and speeding infractions among others.
  • Compliance Management – Single source of the truth for DOT mandated compliance documents will enable you to keep all pertinent information in one place and provide alerts when something needs attention.
  • Driver training – when drivers need coaching you have options for online training covering the simplest of tasks to complex instruction to ensure your drivers have the latest certifications.


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