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Minimizing the Cost of the Insurance Policy Lifecycle with Alternative Driver Data

Volta (formerly PolicyWatch™) revolutionizes all phases of the Insurance Policy Lifecycle. By providing comprehensive insight into driver history through alternative violation data, customers can obtain cost-effective access to violation activity, reduce MVR spend, and improve underwriting performance at Lead, Quote, Bind, and Renew.

Traditional MVR Report Delivery

V Data provides traditional MVR reports to customers looking to monitor driver activity or verify driver or employee eligibility. Simple and easy.

Lead Segmentation and Qualification with Alternative MVR Data

V Select provides violation indicators through alternative MVR data at the Lead and Quote phases of the Customer Insurance Policy Lifecycle. Lower your overall risk by segmenting and qualifying new leads who fit your underwriting guidelines. Reduce cost, improve conversions, and enhance the customer experience with V Select.

MVR Order Filtering and Customizable Smart-Triggers with Alternative MVR Data

V Detect combines MVR Order Filters and alternative MVR data at the Bind and Renew phases of the Customer Insurance Policy Lifecycle. Configure the underwriting guidelines you want to write against in real-time, using customizable smart-triggers to determine if specific violation activity exists for a given individual. Optimize acquisition costs, improve the customer shopping experience, increase close ratios and conversion rates, and enhance profitability with V Detect.

Detect Rate Evasion, Fraudulent and High-Risk Behavior

V Identify provides fraud detection services to uncover rate evasion, fraudulent and high-risk behavior in the Bind phase of the Customer Insurance Policy Lifecycle. Protect your policies and your bottom line from hidden risks, like customers claiming not to hold a U.S Driver’s License, or any other associated risky behavior.

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