Driver Monitoring: The Key to Community and Driver Safety


Established in 1998 SambaSafety is an industry leader with a nationwide driver monitoring and motor vehicle record (MVR) network to help employers, insurance companies, and background screening companies across the U.S. and Canada to identify and manage driver risk. Through the collection, correlation, and analysis of driver information – including MVRs, court data, medical certifications, and more – SambaSafety delivers a comprehensive view into the behavior of commercial and noncommercial drivers. By working directly with us or through one of our valued partners, you’ll receive continuous monitoring solutions that collect and analyze data on your employees’ driving habits – on and off the job – providing the insight you need to identify high-risk drivers, effectively administer and enforce your driver safety policy, and keep your workforce safe.  Plus, with robust diagnostic and management tools from Vigillo (a SambaSafety company), you can manage and track driver performance and further mitigate risk, thereby improving your organization’s productivity.

SambaSafety provides actionable insights into all driver types and put this into horizontal format similar to the suites pages

Whether you have sales people, field service technicians, commercial drivers, contractors, or anyone else who drives for your business, SambaSafety can help you know who’s really behind the wheel—on and off the job. You can also use SambaSafety for a driving record check for employment to confirm past work.

Do you really know who is behind the wheel? SambaSafety does. You can, too.



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