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Accurately Price Driver Risk

In today’s hyper-competitive insurance market, insurance carriers, brokers and agents are constantly looking for cost effective ways to acquire accurate and timely data about policy holders and their driving behavior. However, new consumer demands and emerging distributions channels along with the rising cost of Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs) and other data is challenging underwriting budgets making it cost prohibitive to get the data necessary to identify, manage and price risk.

The Single Source for Driver Risk Information

For almost three decades, the insurance industry has partnered with SambaSafety and its subsidiaries, American Driving Records (ADR) and Softech International, for the information needed to assess driver risk or check driving records. Our clients have come to rely on SambaSafety to deliver proven solutions and quality data products that assist them in understanding and managing driver risk across their book of business—from quoting and point-of-sale to the underwriting and binding of policies.

Our direct access to Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) records and other driver-related data in all 50 states, Canada, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia provides the most cost-effective and comprehensive information available. Whether it’s for requesting a single transaction or processing millions of quotes, our solutions help you make fast, accurate and informed business decisions.

SambaSafety services for the insurance industry include:

  • PolicyWatch℠: SambaSafety’s proprietary intelligent order management solution that automatically checks driver activity to determine if a new MVR is required. — Read More >
  • Driving Records or Motor Vehicle Records (MVRs): We simplify the complex and varied data formats to deliver a standardized, easy-to-understand report. You can check driving records instantly in most cases. — Read More >
  • Vehicle Records (VRs): VRs reduce risk against fraud by verifying vehicle owner information for insurance policy binding at the point of sale and during claims processing. SambaSafety provides VRs in 47 states. — Read More >
  • Total Loss Fee Settlement Calculation: California customers can access the Total Fee Loss Settlement Calculation feature providing both vehicle and Total Loss Assessment Calculations through the California DMV.

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